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Thank you for your interest in home financing.  I would be honored to assist you in reviewing and choosing the best loan that fits your needs.  

Your next step is to have a 15-MINUTE DISCOVERY CALL with me and I can be reached at 512-576-6115.  What day and time do you have available for this call?  



Below you will find STEPS 1 & 2 OF HOME FINANCING. These actions will allow me to Pre-Approve you for home financing.  

STEP 1: The first step in your home financing process is to complete a credit application to understand what loan options you have available.

This can be done on your cell phone in under 5 minutes for your convenience.



STEP 2: Please gather the items below and send them my way as soon as possible. These documents will enable me to review your income, assets, and employment history to determine your buying power, and loan options as well as anticipate any future issues to avoid in Underwriting.  The most important items are paystubs(tax returns if self-employed) and the rest can follow if you cannot find them right away.



NOTE: To convert your documents to PDF go to your “Notes” on your phone, new note, click on the camera icon, and select scan documents. This will make a photo into a PDF document so you can email or upload and the bonus is you can keep them in a Notes folder. 

  • Most recent 30 days of paystubs.

  • Last 2 years of W2/1099’s from all employers – All W2’s from every employer even part-time work or 2nd jobs.  

  • Last 2 years of 1040 - tax returns, all pages & schedules

  • Most recent 2 months of bank statements – actual statements, not screenshots.

  • 1 form of identification – driver’s license, passport, or S.S. card. Front & back.

  • If Refinance, home survey, homeowners insurance dec page, most recent mortgage stmt


If you wish to be proactive, you MAY need:

  • If Self Employed, prepare a Profit & Loss for the most recent year-to-date income.  Ask me for a sample P&L.

  • If you own other properties, gather the current mortgage statement, homeowners policy, HOA statement, and tax statement for each.

  • If you pay or receive child support; gather a child support order. 

  • If you have any deposits aside from payroll in the bank statements above write me a brief explanation about each. 

  • If you collect SSI, gather SS Awards letter

  • If your downpayment is being gifted, let me know. 

  • If your downpayment is coming from retirement, obtain the most recent retirement statement. 

  • If you have been divorced within the last 2 years, please obtain your divorce decree. 

  • If a Veteran, gather your DD-214

  • If you are on contract or when you are, print the processed earnest & option money check from your bank online.

Thank you ahead of time for the opportunity to assist you with home financing. Cheers!

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