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House Benefit Network

Open More Doors for your Employees to Home Ownership!

House Benefit Network is simply smarter home benefits for your valued Employees! Increase your Employee Benefit offering with a bundled service discount to your through reduced fees on one of their most important purchases, a home. At no cost to your employees or you as the employer, and with little to no administration on the employers part. Studies show when an employee who is renting becomes a home 'owner' they transition into becoming a more stable, secure and long term member of your company.

Typical Savings on a $250,000 house = $5,150

HBN Employee Perks

  • Free credit reports & Credit consultation

  • No upfront application fees

  • Experienced Home Purchase team

  • Employee HBN ID cards

  • A customized website specifically for your employees to view benefits & discounts.

  • Free access to moving trailer

  • Lunchroom posters for upcoming seminars

Benefits can be extended to family/friends

Bundled Real Estate Savings

  • No loan origination fees = 1%  Ex:  ($2,500)

  • No lender fees = Avg $1,600

  • Appraisal rebate up to $500

  • Realtor rebate  up to $500

  • Professional partner discounts

  • Corporate savings with National retailers

  • Local Area companies/restaurant discounts

HBN Educational Perks

  • Each month, we can provide your employees with an email newsletter that offers relevant

  • information about real estate, personal finance, and member privileges.


At your request, we can also host seminars on helpful topics such as:

  • Credit repair steps

  • Buying investment properties or 2nd homes First-time home buyer 101

  • Investor 101

  • Refinance strategies - home improvement, home equity, HELOCs

  • And more!