Homestead Exemption

Please find your countys appraisal district website below.


Search for your property and click on File Homestead Exemption.  


You should be able to file online for free and by uploading your most recent updated drivers license or utility bill showing your name to prove your homestead.


Call me with any questions (512) 576-6115.  

  • Your homestead exemption only has to be filed 1 time while you live in this home.

  • If you move then you will want to file your homestead on your next property.  

  • You can only have 1 homestead at a time as it pertains to the home you live in.

  • The homestead will give you an annual discount on your taxes and it limits the county from increasing your homes tax value by no more than 10% year over year.  

  • Your taxes are calculated by multiplying the tax value by the tax rate.  

  • For example, $400,000 tax value at 2.52% tax rate is $400,000x.0251 = $10,080 per year.  

  • You can find the tax value of your home on this website as it will change every year.

  • You can dispute the value if you feel the tax value exceeds what you can sell your home for today.